7 Things a Woman Can Do in 7 Days to Lose 10 Pounds

Struggling with weight loss? Here is a foolproof way for any woman to shed off an extra 10lbs in just one week

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Ugh! It feels grouchy to have to sit by the sidelines and watch others live their lives? Because they are darn fit for it, they can do whatever they please, hang out with whoever they want, and live out life with nuance and color.

They go shopping for clothes and tag you along. But you do not try the cute attire because you just do not fit into any. It reaches a point where you feel like your life screeched to a stop at some point; it lacks zest.

What about those times when your boyfriend or hubby can’t even carry you on piggyback?

You know he and you both want it but you feel ashamed of your weight. Or wait, you are single and not searching. Maybe you broke up because of those extra pounds.

It gets worse when you get acid influxes or have to pop diabetes pills every day to keep you shuffling through your days.

At this time, you do not need a doctor to warn you against gobbling ounces of chips, bags of Oreo, slices of cheese, and loads of junk food. Your body puffs and cries out loud for a change.

But even after wracking your brain and drowning in a sea of guilt and trying to figure out how you got big and how to get out, you reach for that pizza slice to drown your yo-yo sorrows instead. The more you worry about your bulging body, the more you eat junk, drink fizzy drinks, and slouch at the couch. It is a vicious cycle.

Those are only a few privy reasons for most people to want to diet to lose weight fast.

According to the Boston Medical Center, as many as 45 million Americans take up a diet program to shed extra weight. But a majority of them rarely push themselves to stick to their diet plans until a while later after their waistlines give.

There are reasons as to why they don’t make it to their weight loss or weight maintenance goals. If you are one of them, you might recognize, even relate to these reasons:

  • Took too long. You expected to lose too many pounds in too short a time
  • You are bored. You feel lost, lonely in the journey and just need an injection of power and zing to feel motivated to get on with that weight loss push
  • After a short stint, that sweet tooth storms back the crazy food cravings to haunt you
  • You work out to punish yourself. Do you feel like you let yourself plump up and are not sure you are worthy of that gorgeous look you want so badly?
  • You are not sure you can lose weight after trying before with not much to show for your genuine effort
  • You are not sure what to do

We get it. It happens to many of us. We got fat, and we don’t like the lady in the mirror anymore.

If you find any of these reasons echos your life-long struggle to shape up and tone up, you are not alone. Also, and fortunately, there is something you can do instead of punching yourself for sliding that juicy taco, yummy ice cream, and darn tasty chips drowned in your favorite sauce into your mouth.

You can realistically shed off 10lbs in just 7 days.

This post is dedicated to helping you trudge over those extra pounds by helping you get your life back and live it up in the healthiest version of yourself.

You can accomplish this shockingly simple 7-day rapid weight loss plan by doing just 7 things, which we’ll go through together right here and now.

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But first, there are some things you need to know before starting on your supercharged weight loss week.

What you need to know before Starting a 7-Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan

This is not a get-slim-quick magic formula. You are about to embark on a true and tested mix of actions to earn your desired slim figure.

Also, to realistically torch down 10lbs in just 1 week, you will need to start preparations before kick off on Diet Day 1. This is to avoid sending your body into shock, to help prepare for the cool challenge ahead, as well as open up for the inevitable change—although this regimen will not drastically change your habits.

Here are some more notes to jot down before getting started.

1. Starving yourself does not work. You need to eat enough calories for your body to produce enough energy to carry on with your day-to-day tasks—and also to help you keep off of the path of a food craving whirlwind.

2. You’ll need to come in with realistic expectations. If you weigh about 120lbs and expect to burn 20lbs in three days, you might not be gunning for a practical goal. But if you are 150+ lbs and desire to slim by 10lbs in a short timeframe, you are right up the alley.

3. Prep up to use a combination of physical stimulation and dieting, to make some healthy choices in the kitchen, and buckle down to commit through all seven days, so you can later saunter towards an awesome figure and healthy mind, body, and soul.

4. It is not the easiest plan around. Ladies the best way to earn a sustainable, hot figure is not by splashing yourself on the couch. Instead, prod your mind to get off of its back and get busy—well, at least a little bit for a start. Do remember that little progress is progress, nonetheless.

5. The goal here is to let this 7-day period be a gateway to the rest of your healthy life, so keep that in mind as well; this is a strong start but not the destination.

How it Works

According to several studies conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Heart Association (AHA), among others, the foolproof way to burn extra weight fast is to ramp up your metabolism and then more.

This refers to how your body breaks food or body fat down to produce energy for your vitals and daily living tasks. While the rate at which your body breaks down either is dependent on a number of other factors, you have all it takes to speed up your metabolism—you just need to get started.

If you feel you are overweight and need to lose some of that belly fat, tone up your butt and flourish shapely legs, you need to get your body to demand more energy that you give it when you eat.

How to Lose 10 Lbs in 7 Days: The 7 Vital Things to Do

The seven things to do in order to torch the 10lbs in a week are:

1. Prepare in Advance

Scientists and nutritionists agree that to burn fat fast naturally, what you spin into your mouth adds up. In fact, contrary to most people’s expectations, to lose weight fast is an 80% kitchen and 20% gym festivity.

That is why it is vital to not only watch what you eat but to cook it yourself at home. Just because they serve that overflowing bowl of pasta at the restaurant does not imply it is an ideal serving of your daily recommended calories.

Now here is what you might need (no special equipment or crazy diets needed):

a. Lots of safe drinking water

b. A reliable source of fresh vegetables and fruits—a diverse range, too

c. A fitness app such as MyFitnessPal to help you count and stick to your ideal calorie intake, as well as guide you to reach your weight loss zone during the subsequent simple, DIY-at-home physical exercises

d. A small cup to measure food servings. You could invest in a small weighing machine if you want

e. Carve out enough time out of your schedule to give this a good go.

2. Flush out the Issues

Before, during and after this fast weight loss to-do list you’ll want to avoid stress as much as possible. Few people think of this, but most people gain excess weight due to unresolved emotional issues.

Stress is almost always a sure factor whenever undesired weight gain occurs. About 65-70% of clients who want to burn body fat have reported that they gobble down junk as a form of escape or protection from a result of past traumas and fears.

Maybe you just experienced betrayal or rejection and putting on weight, you might feel, makes you invisible to dating and the pain probability of breaking up again in future.

It could be you have some emotional issues around rejection and self-esteem from other areas of your life. It could also involve an unsolved family feud such as a difficult childhood, uncaring parent, sibling rivalry, or you experienced bullying or molestation at some point—maybe you are still.

Emotional issues prod your body to release the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol, in turn, nudges your body to resist insulin produced by the pancreas. What follows is a case where your body opts to store fat around your waist, thighs, arms, and buttocks instead of allowing the insulin to break the fats down into usable energy.

Fleshing out the “emotional baggage” also allows you nip out emotional eating. A significant number of people eat too many sugary foods when stressed out. If this is how you do it the best way to take back control is to pack fresh fruits and snacks around the home. That way whenever you reach on to a snack, what you get is a healthy snack every time.

Let go of the emotional obesity and your body will be willing to let go off the extra pounds too.

3. Stop Dieting—Nourish your Body Instead

The goal here is to fuel your body just enough. The last thing you’ll want to do is starve yourself.

It is difficult to stay focused on your 7-day plan to lose 10lbs if you are running on hungry. What starving does is to back-slide you into binge-eating as cravings come back stronger.

Nourish your Body

Nutritionists point out that to lose 1 pound, you need to make your body to demand about 3,500 calories. This is referred to as creating a calorie-deficiency. It also means you’ll want to cut back the amount of food (calories) you eat. This is different from starving/outright fasting.

By letting your body have less ingested, you are jolting it into action to burn fat around your body. It is a simple conversion process. Whenever the body gets less than it should, it turns to the brown and white abdominal fat (triglycerides), first and foremost, and then to fat stored in other body parts if you persist with intermittent fasting.

This process needs enough water to carry on successfully, so make sure to drink lots of clean and safe water. Also, a Berlin clinical study found that you can burn as much as 30% more fat within the following 10 minutes for taking cold water than people who did not.

If you can drink it at room temperature, that is even better. Your body spends energy (sourced from burning fat) to heat the water up to the body’s normal temperature.

What to Eat to Lose 10lbs in 7 Days

But choosing to eat cold food is likely a bad idea unless that food is wholly made up of fresh veggies and raw fruits.

Now, how about an actual food program for some direction?

Diet Day #1:

The most effective way to break your night-long fast is by drinking 2-3 glasses of alkaline liquids. You can take water (at room temperature) with lemon juice. Apple cedar vinegar can also work great plus it helps you to detoxify. In fact, the best mix comprises of water and fresh and natural citrus fruit juices—4 oranges, 4 apples and 2 pomegranates.

Oranges are particularly a splendid citrus fruit variety. Cinnamon is also top-notch if you want.

Throughout this day, fill up on 7-12 glasses of plain water. The goal here is to crash outrageous cravings for food.

For “actual” food, let this be a watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupes, grapefruits, and so on. You'll want to avoid "real" food if you weigh 180 lbs and beyond, especially any type of protein and carbohydrate. Avoid potatoes, pasta, and white rice.

Diet Day #2:

Fill up on more water after waking up, before eating anything else. Again, you can mix it up nicely with natural, green juices to add taste.

Throughout the subsequent hours, though, if you can blast past the 12-glass mark, by all means, do it. That will help flush out toxins that may be hindering fat burning in your system.

Choose vegetables as your preferred food today with a bit of cheese. Against popular belief, cheese is a weight loss food that can help you shed pounds by 70%. You’ll also want to cook your veggies at home with no butter. If you must use oil on them, use sparingly.

But if you can steam, boil or crunch them raw (some of them), that is better. You have to try broccoli and cauliflower. These two are weight loss super foods. They stimulate fat-burning enzymes in your body to char triglycerides.

Want variety? Add cabbage, with which they are closely related.

Kale, spinach, apricots, and tomatoes are other helpful vegetables to add to your plate and servings. Kale and spinach contain both iron and calcium. Calcium-containing foods such as spinach and cheese are especially powerful.

If your body craves “real” food, fill up on water and more vegetables. Still, you can spice things up a bit and add peppers to your plate. All types of peppers (especially the red variety) help boosts metabolism by up to 30% just 10-20 minutes after eating. You could switch that for spicy mustard.

Diet Day #3:

Kickoff Diet Day #3 with a glass of yogurt, nuts and/or avocado (healthy, essential fat and protein). This is also a good time to use that servings’ cup and MyFitnessPal app. Follow the app’s lead as far as measuring the ideal calorie-intake for your body weight goes.

Today you can hit a small bowl of oatmeal for breakfast cereal. Between breakfast and lunch, you’ll want to be consistent with the water, so do drink up some more. It helps flush out toxicity from previous days’ citrus fruits as well as keep you feeling full so you can avoid eating much—effectively reducing calories intake.

Cook yourself brown rice for lunch and eat that with legumes. Together with oatmeal, they are high in fiber, digest slowly and offer longer energy. This way you eat less but gain more benefits. Check out what the social communities on MyFitnessPal and its calorie counter recommend for your specific weight.

If you like juicing, you can fill yourself glasses of green juices and freshly blended fruit juices with water throughout the day. For supper, you can have green bananas, or Brussels sprouts, or green juice.

The goal is to gain starch, which is digested slowly and releases energy slowly and longer. This will ensure your blood sugar levels are in check.

Diet Day #4:

Start your day with green tea or ice tea. Green tea could boost your fat-burning hormones such as adiponectin and adrenaline action. That can help you scorch more triglycerides in your body.

Have up to 7 ripe bananas spread across the day until early evening.

Throughout the day eat fruits (grapefruit and apple are great), vegetables and drink as much water as possible (7-15 glasses spaced out). Then have a vegetable salad for dinner (add avocado for healthy fat and protein).

Diet Day #5:

Another day comes and it’s time to drink more plain water or natural fruit juice or a milk and bananas smoothie some minutes after waking. Follow that up with munching an apple during late morning hours.

You can then have brown rice again for lunch. If you feel it is too bland, go on and create a stir fry with tomato (or spicy) sauce with lightly sautéed broccoli or cauliflower or Brussels sprouts—your choice of best weight loss vegetables. Green/diet juice for dinner is alright.

Diet Day #6:

You are almost there.

It is time for roasted red peppers or 4 medium-size tomatoes in the morning.

Fill up on a cup of boiled rice with soup for lunch. This complex carbohydrate mix lets you feel full for longer while adding fiber to your body as well as slow-releasing energy.

Have your vegetable salad for dinner and diet juice.

Remember to keep sipping on your 8-15 glasses of cold (room temperature) water throughout the day. Helps to flush accrued uric acid, too.

Diet Day #7:

It is D-day, time to shed it down some more.

Choose between almond or pure skimmed cow’s milk or green juice. Whichever you choose here, alternate it with one of the other two at lunch time. Then maintain an all-vegetables diet for the rest of the day.

Ensure you hit 8 bananas (spread across the day’s hours).

Of course, keep hydrating with up to 12 glasses of water for the day.


You’ll notice the diet consists almost entirely of vegetables and fruits with lots of water. While the occasional avocado and nuts add some essential oils to it, the diet lacks proteins and simple carbohydrates.

The goal is not only to get your body burning more fat to compensate the deliberate calorie deficiency but also to help it flush out any toxins and draw in more minerals and vitamins from the greens, fruits, and broccoli-like vegetables.

You might think of prolonging this Lose 10lbs in 7 days diet plan past this time to lose perhaps double that much pounds in two weeks. But it is not the best way to do it. This is tuned for only one week.

From the ninth day you should start re-introducing lean meat such as salmon, tuna, and chicken, legumes such as beans and peas, more complex carbohydrates such as green bananas and potatoes (which have no gluten) slowly and gradually—maybe switch back to the above diet after 2-3 weeks.

You’d still need to keep drinking at least 7 glasses of water per day for consistent results.

4. Workout some Proper Exercises

Proper Exercises

You might be wondering, will I lose 10 lbs in 1 week without any exercise supplements? How would you even drink that much water?

Combining the weight loss diet aforementioned with proper exercise will get you outstanding results.

What are these proper workouts?


High-Intensity Interval Workouts involve short but frequent bursts of physical activity. Research shows here and here that HIIT will help you burn 48% more fat than cardio exercise.

To optimize fat-burning and a speedier metabolism rate, slate in four 10-minute HIIT sessions spread across the days—especially the days you eat brown rice and oatmeal—for up to 4-5 days in the week if you can.

If you want, try lifting light to medium weights in a number of these sessions.

To boost your indoor HIIT sessions, turn your thermostat to 66 F (19 degrees Celsius). According to this study, you will burn even more body fat while training in the cold.

ii. Take on Cardio

If you can wear a muscle vest while working out, do so. It adds weight to your figure, forcing your body to demand more fat is converted to support the heavier activity.

If you prefer to start out slow and speed up down the line, hiking at around 3 m/hr is for 30 minutes at least once a day (on the days you do not have HIIT, and are eating vegetable salads). If you decide to invest in a professional trainer, she or he will recommend an ideal calorie intake/exercise/weight loss combination for best results.

Swimming is one of the best, whole-body workouts to try if you can.

iii. Bike or hit the treadmill

Set your fitness band or watch ready to record your pulse as it races to a certain number of beats per minute. Again, the technology is used to help calculate your exercise zone, where you torch the most fat.

Once you hit your ideal heart rate (should take about 2 minutes), keep up at the same intensity for another 12-18 minutes. If you run out of breathe, take a time off to catch it. You can push yourself, but not at the expense of your safety.

iv. Get outdoors and run for it

You’d be smart to run at least one during this week, especially on the sixth day (avoid HIIT on this day). Running outdoors among others and in picturesque environs, you get just the right type of distraction to motivate you to keep going.

Working out outdoors also allows you to breathe fresh air all the way, which is vital in the conversion of abdominal, thigh and waist brown and white fat.

Still, if you can get out early at the crack of dawn and late evenings to workout you are more likely to burn more fat in the cold conditions as your body increases fat conversion to energy to raise your body temperature.

5. Supplement the Best Way

Watch what you use as supplements. Artificial weight loss pills from unscrupulous dealers end up doing more harm than good—if any at all.

You can take Garcinia cambogia, a super weight loss botanical that has shown to help boost metabolism rate and activate fat-burning enzymes in the body. If you want to take advertised supplements or to decide on dosage, ask your coach, health expert or herbs professional for advice.

6. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep


How well you sleep with affect how much fat you burn.

You might recall how irritable you feel when you wake up in the morning but did not get sufficient sleep the night before. The foul mood is caused by an accumulation of the stress hormone, cortisol.

An influx of cortisol in your system can trigger binge-eating, taking alcohol and sugary foods. Poor sleep makes your body poor at converting fat into energy. Instead, the body ends up depositing the brown and white stacks on your waistline, on and around your abdomen, thighs, and butt.

This happens because a lack of good sleep causes leptin and insulin resistance, meaning fewer fats are burned and more blood glucose is used to generate energy. As more blood glucose is depleted, you start to crave more sugar which intake can lead to weight gain.

So make it your goal to benefit from 7-9 hours of sleep, every night and at around the same time each evening. Having a consistent bedtime allows your body to “learn” to expect you to wind down by a certain time.

That helps to stimulate the sleep-inducing hormone to action, helping you sleep faster, longer, uninterrupted and wake up feeling fresh, focused and relaxed—ultimately, essential for optimal weight loss.

If you love to read, it is a fantastic activity to engage in some 30-50 minutes before sleeping. It helps you wind down properly—if you are reading an actual flip-pages book in your hands instead of an ebook on your mobile device. The latter's blue light distracts your neurotransmitters, keeping you awake for longer periods.

If you find it hard to relax, Dr. J.J. Virgin CNS, CHFS, and the author of the books The Virgin Diet and Sugar Impact Diet recommends you rub magnesium oil on your feet before bed. She states that this will help you to relax and sleep deeply.

7. Reward your Hard Work Every time you Hit a Milestone

A shocking number of people know little about the benefits of rewarding themselves with the desired gift once they hit their weight loss goal or a milestone.

By setting yourself a target weight loss milestone and awarding your subsequent efforts at gunning for it, you teach your brain to release feel-good hormones such as endorphins that make crave to win again and again; you want to constantly achieve your rapid weight loss goals to earn your heart’s desire.

For example, for taking the initiative to take up the challenge and roll out of bed or couch and hit the gym is good enough reason to get yourself yummy yogurt that evening or the following day. Or, more aptly, you can spoil yourself to a spanking new fitness band to track your fitness goals and pulse rate after achieving a pre-set feat.

Some ladies buy outfits for themselves. Others get a gorgeous handbag tailor-made to their taste, and so on. You know yourself best, so choose a gift that you genuinely find attractive—so much so that you are willing to put in the work to get it.


Taking the 7 actions discussed before will help any woman to lose 10 pounds in 7 days. A combination of strict yet safe dieting, proper workouts, and mental preparedness will keep you going long after everyone else hang up their boots.

Also do keep in mind that the change to become healthier starts from within, from a place of self-love, wanting to live a happier more engaging life, as well as from identifying being overweight is a health risk and burden to you and those you love.


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