All that you should know about Dianabol

A widely recognized and extensively used steroid, Dianabol (also commonly referred to as D-Bol) helps you put on muscle mass and gain tremendous strength. Let’s learn some hard facts associated with this steroid.


Normally used by both seasoned and new bodybuilders, Dianabol or Methandrostenolone has earned a huge name for itself in the bodybuilding community.

Many people also refer to it as ‘The Breakfast of Champions’ and its popularity hasn’t waned despite the emergence of several other steroids over the years.

Background info about Dianabol

It was a Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical company name Ciba which gave compound Methandrostenolone the name Dianabol several years ago.

Although the production of Methandrostenolone ceased many years ago, it continues to be recognized by that name, and a good number of underground companies/laboratories continue to produce this steroid throughout the world.

Nowadays, a large majority of steroid-users depend on compounds and cycles, but a good number of them continue to use Dianabol owing to its market penetration, low price and effectiveness.

Scientific researches and studies have also proven that Dianabol is one of the most effective steroids for muscle mass gain and strength.

Benefits of Dianabol

How D-Bol affects your body is that it improves its natural ability of retaining nitrogen. This nitrogen in turn is used by the body cells for production of muscles and proteins.

Hence, with the regular use of Methandrostenolone, you can easily gain plenty of physical strength, improve stamina and build lean muscle mass.

As you boost the protein buildup in your body, your muscles also develop much quickly.

Possible side effects

As Dianabol is a very powerful anabolic, it is obvious that you’re going to experience some side effects with its regular use.

These side effects may occur in the form of oily skin, body hair growth and acne as you continue consuming around 20 mg to 25 mg Dianabol per day.

Some reports suggest that D-Bol usage may expedite male pattern baldness, however, studies suggest that this compound isn’t as harsh as it is made out to be by such reports.

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D-Bol dosage and cycles


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Considering its immense popularity and safe make up, a large number of first-time steroid users opt for Dianabol.

Another reason why a large number of people choose Dianabol, apart from reasons like its make-up and popularity, is the fact that many aren’t comfortable using injectables.

You can safely consume 25 mg to 30 mg of the D-Bol on a daily basis for 4-6 weeks and witness major improvements in your body, without any major D-Bol side effects.

On the other hand, if you are an advanced user, you can benefit more from this compound by increasing its dosage.

However, there’s not much clarity on the dosage / result ratio when it comes to gaining such advantage.

Regardless, clinical studies have revealed that the direct benefits of Dianabol peak off once you increase its dosage to around 60 mg of 70 mg per day.

But if you were to ask us, we’d advice against increasing its dosage to that level, as once you reach such potency, the side effects of Dianabol become more and more pronounced.

Furthermore, it’s rare to come across any serious side effects of Dianabol because bodybuilders often stack it with testosterone, nandrolone or some other base steroid.

How such stacking of Dianabol helps is that you are able to maintain its dosage to a tolerable level, as you continue putting on more muscle mass.

Dianabol dosages are normally 3 to 4 times per day, and are taken along with meals as it has a short half-life.

But the more advanced users of Dianabol like consuming the entire daily dosages in one go, preferably half an hour prior to work out.

Why consuming D-Bol steroid prior to work out is advantageous is because it can give you plenty of energy boost, something you can benefit from immensely while lifting serious heavyweights.

It also improves your performance and vitality on the whole.

The new users are recommended to spread the Dianabol dosage over the day, in order to give their bodies ample time to adjust.

In addition, if you’re someone who has never consumed steroids before, taking such large dosages in one go can put a lot of load on your liver, and result in shooting up of the blood concentration levels, which sometimes may even cause a crash.

Mass gain with Dianabol

Huge bodybuilder rend his garments.

Research has revealed that the D-Bol results are particularly better if your main goal is to gain a good amount of muscle mass.

In order to achieve the most prominent muscle gain effect, you’ll need to consume more calories per day too, at least 5000 of them on a daily basis.

Please keep in mind that increasing your daily calorie intake by this much wouldn’t be much of a concern provided you exercise regularly.

You must also remember that Dianabol has extremely powerful water retention ability, so using this steroid is something you can avoid if your primary goal is to reduce your body fat.

It won’t help you even if you do stringent cardiovascular exercises along with Dianabol usage because it’s an inevitable and inherent property of Methandrostenolone to retain water.

Other important factors to be kept in mind

Ensure that you follow all given directions before starting Dianabol usage.

Not doing so and indulging in overdosage can lead to estrogenic side effects, because of enzyme aromatase interaction.

Some Dianabol users may experience gynecomastia during the early stages of the cycle, and hence must have the pertinent medications handy for treating it at the earliest.

In such cases, medications like tamoxifen or some SERM (selective estrogen modulator) can be used alongside an effective antiestrogen treatment such as Proviron or Arimidex.

If you refer to some real-life case scenarios, large Dianabol dosages do result in water retention, causing weight gain in some cases.

However, any such gained weight is lost easily after some time. Some of the commonly known signs of water retention are bloating of the neck, face and other body parts.

Stacking D-Bol

You may easily stack D-Bol tablets/pills with injectable steroids. This is regularly done by bodybuilders as it helps them in putting significant muscle mass.

Medical research has also proven that Methandrostenolone stacks pretty well with any injectable testosterone.

However, you must know that the Methandrostenolone’s efficacy and efficiency may get minimized with the rise of testosterone levels in the body.

Such impact may start setting in at the consumption of around 1000 mg per week.

It’s also possible to stack Methandrostenolone with Anavar (oxandrolone) and other steroid cycles.

You can expect no problems in doing so as Methandrostenolone stacks pretty well with all those too.

Nonetheless, a large majority of bodybuilders prefer injectables over oxandrolone as the former put less amount of pressure on the liver.

You may also use the Dianabol tablets just by themselves. Although it’s not a common practice to do so, as Dianabol is mostly stacked with an injectable, bodybuilders have indeed achieved impressive physiques just by consuming Dianabol tablets alone in the past.

However, for the Dianabol pills to work this way, you need to consume more dosages of them than normal. And hence they’re only encouraged in advanced level users.

Whether you choose to stack Dianabol with something, or have it just by itself, remember that you must never indulge in overdosages.

Indulging in excessive Dianabol or Methandrostenolone consumption may lead to other side effects (apart from the ones mentioned above), which are also common to all anabolic steroids.

These side effects may be things like increase in hematrocit level, poor blood lipid profile, skin-related side effects and/or high blood pressure.

In majority of cases, the side effects aren’t as severe as witnessed in other major anabolic steroids.

So, the million dollar question – Is D-Bol legal?

Steroids and sports

Now coming to the question ‘Is D-Bol legal or not? We’d like to state once and for all that YES, D-Bol is legal indeed.

It’s a legally controlled substance in the US and can also be purchased in Mexico, Europe and many other countries, however, only for medicinal purposes at some places.

Enter D-Bal – With all the D-Bol positives and none of the D-Bol negatives


D-Bal bodybuilding supplement is one of the major sellers for the famous bodybuilding supplements company Crazy Bulk.

This supplement is mainly based on D-Bol or Dianabol anabolic steroid. And that’s exactly what Crazy Bulk is so famous for!

The company manufactures and supplies body supplements that deliver exactly the same benefits as the steroid/s they’re based on, without causing any harmful side effects which may have pushed the original steroid into banned and/or controlled substance category.

What is D-Bal?


D-Bal, which is manufactured and supplied by Crazy Bulk is a legal alternative steroid of D-Bol, that delivers the same benefits which you get from the latter.

It has turned out to be the most favorite bodybuilding supplement of health-conscious bodybuilders, who although wish to enjoy huge muscle gains, but in the shortest possible time and not at the cost of their health.

D-Bal carries out its work by making your muscle tissues retain more nitrogen. Nitrogen retention is extremely crucial for muscle gains as the nitrogen content in your muscles has a direct impact on the amount of protein your body cells can produce.

Hence, the more amount of nitrogen your muscles retain, the more protein will be built by your body cells.

The name given to this protein production process in the body is protein synthesis and it forms the foundation of muscle building in the human body.

So, whenever you indulge in heavy weightlifting, what you essentially do is that you push your muscles to a point where microscopic tears occur in them. Your body cells then do a repairing job on these tears, making use of the protein in your body.

Thus having ample amounts of protein available for such repairing job, can naturally increase the size of the repaired muscles.

How to take D-Bal?

Using D-Bal is far easier compared to direct usage of steroids such as D-Bol that need to be injected into the veins.

All you need to do is consume 3 D-Bal tablets with water on a daily basis. On your workout days, you can consume all these 3 tablets in one go around 45 minutes after finishing your workout.

If you’re someone who works out on a daily basis, you must consume D-Bal on a daily basis too, straight for 2 months, and then take around 10 days off, prior to resuming the next D-Bal cycle.

Please note, this rest period isn’t because you must give some rest to your kidneys and/or liver, it’s simply because our body automatically adapts itself to the repeated usage of any medication/supplement, forcing us to increase the dosage to achieve the same kind of results that we were getting before.

When you give a 10 days break in between, you can keep your body from getting into that mode, and can later restart your regular D-Bal regime with a fresh body.

As also mentioned earlier, although not mandatory, you must ideally consume D-Bal as a part of some stack.

For this purpose, you can consume it as a stack, with other legal steroids manufactured and supplied by Crazy Bulk. You’ll be truly able to optimize the D-Bal benefits this way.

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D-Bal benefits

The list of D-Bal benefits is pretty long and hence we’ll focus only on the most important ones as follows:

You’re able to build massive muscles – The most apparent benefit of D-Bal is that it helps you gain massive muscles. The product is focused greatly on massive muscle gains because that’s the main objective of lifting heavy weights.

Improves body strength – It enables you to indulge in some serious heavy weightlifting, which in turn can put greater amount of stress on your muscles. Thereafter, your muscles get automatically bigger when they get repaired.

Endurance boost – What this implies is that you don’t feel tired quickly whenever you work out. This ability helps you increase the number of reps in your sets, resulting in longer workout sessions.

Improves concentration – It’s a well-known fact that your workout quality can get significantly compromised whenever you get easily distracted from your exercises. D-Bal delivers a great concentration boost, which may also prove beneficial in your workplace.

Quicker results – When you consume D-Bal, you’ll witness some amazing muscle gains pretty quickly. In fact, the visible improvement will start coming in even before the completion of the first month. It works as a fantastic psychological benefit too. When you achieve such results, you’re more motivated to continue on your muscle building path, as the results are there for everyone to see!

It’s completely legit – As D-Bal is a totally legitimate product, you can simply go online and buy it from the official website of the manufacturer. You won’t need to worry about getting harassed by law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, there’ll be no fear of getting booted from the team if you’re found using this supplement by your league officials or the coaching staff. That’s simply because there’s nothing shady about D-Bal.

It’s affordable – Compare it with any anabolic steroids available in the marketplace and you’ll find the price of D-Bal much lower than them.

It’s completely safe – When it comes to D-Bol steroid, there are chances of liver damage if you use it on a regular basis for long periods of time. In addition, you may also face some cardiovascular issues as D-Bol is known to increase cholesterol levels, blood pressure and heart rate. If that’s not enough, you stand the risk of developing man boobs, mood swings, reduced sex drive, excessive sweating and severe acne with it. On the other hand, D-Bal, if taken exactly as recommended, will not lead to any such side effects.

You can get it easily – As also pointed out above, considering its legal status, you can easily buy D-Bal legally from the Internet. There is no risk when you order it online, as it’s not an illegal steroid which you’re buying from some shady website. You won’t get a placebo or a contaminated product either. There will be no chances of getting duped, which is often the case when you buy illegal substances. With those kind of products, most websites simply take your hard earned money and not dispatch anything at all!

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Final thoughts

If you’ve read the above write-up in entirety and carefully, you’d know by now that what you require is a safe and effective Dianabol alternative, as having this steroid as it is can lead to nasty side effects.

This is where D-Bal comes into the picture.

It’s a highly effective D-Bol alternative that can deliver all the major benefits of Dianabol, without causing any harmful side effects. What more, it’s 100% legal and safe too!

So, if you’re keen on getting the legal and safe Dianabol alternative to build massive muscles and boost your workouts, D-Bal should be your most obvious choice.

This product has been medically tested and proven to deliver.

FAQs about Dianabol or D-Bol

Is Dianabol equally effective if you take it without gym?

No. Dianabol isn’t a magic pill that will deliver huge muscles overnight while you relax on your couch, consuming potato chips and watching TV all day! In fact, the reason why you have Dianabol is to increase the effectiveness and intensity of your workouts, so you develop massive muscles at a much quicker rate. You require a good diet and a solid workout regime to enjoy full benefits of D-Bol.

Is it correct that Dianabol is a pro hormone?

Once again, no, it’s not.

Instead, Dianabol is a type of anabolic steroid, implying that it’s a synthetic steroid hormone which closely resembles testosterone.

Although pro hormones can be quite like anabolic steroids, as they can assist in improving muscle mass and athletic performance significantly, they function as precursors to the hormones. So essentially they’re not hormones just yet, until they get converted into hormones by the body. The main reasons why pro hormones were designed in the first place was to find a workaround for the legalities concerning anabolic steroids, as they got categorized as hormonal substances. But, these pro hormones got categorized the same way as anabolic steroids in the year 2005.

D-Bol is a good steroid. Is that correct?

Well, the answer to this question depends on what you consider ‘good’. A section of bodybuilders doesn’t think so as Dianabol is categorized as an illegal substance that can’t be had without a valid description. Many sports leagues around the world also forbid its usage. Why? Because if had irresponsibly, it can lead to major side effects, including liver damage.

On the other end of the spectrum are bodybuilders who find it extremely useful and safe. In fact, it’s counted amongst the most popular steroids throughout the world, and that’s not because of its affordability and easy accessibility; it’s mainly owing to its efficacy in helping you build massive muscles and plenty of body strength in a short span of time. Furthermore, you don’t need to inject it into your body as it can be had in tablet form.

What’s better – Testosterone or Dianabol?

In fact, both Testosterne and Dianabol are quite similar in many ways. In fact, Dianabol or D-Bol was the first oral steroid to be synthesized after testosterone. Both these are bulking agents that can help you accomplish major strength and muscle gains.

However, if you look closely you’ll observe that Dianabol delivers much faster results compared to testosterone. And as also mentioned earlier, it’s much cheaper and easier to get. In addition, you don’t need to inject it into your body. Testosterone, on the other hand is comparatively less toxic as it’s a naturally produced by the body. If you compare it directly with testosterone, Dianabol is more toxic for the liver and causes more side effects.

But it wouldn’t be right to ask which one of the testosterone and Dianabol is better. That’s because you shouldn’t be selecting one for the other. The best way to go is have both testosterone and Dianabol together, just like a good majority of bodybuilders do.

How does Dianabol affect the body?

Dianabol promotes protein metabolism in the body and also enables muscles to retain nitrogen in them, facilitating greater muscle building or anabolic activity. Simply put, it helps body build massive muscles in a much faster way, provided you work out regularly. What’s also distinctive about Dianabol is that gives you a kind of high, a feeling that you’re capable of doing any exercise in the gym!

Liver damage is a serious and possible side effect of Dianabol abuse. It can also lead to other side effects like excessive body hair growth, oily skin and acne. Many people also report worsening or emerging of male pattern baldness after consuming Dianabol. Lastly, it may hamper the body’s natural testosterone production process.

What is Dianabol exactly used for?

Dianabol is used during the bulking cycle of bodybuilding, when you are in the process of increasing muscle mass and becoming much bigger than you are now. Another bodybuilding phase where Dianabol finds its usage is in the cutting cycle, when you try retaining your muscle mass as you slim down and reduce fat and water content you had inevitably gained in the bulking cycle.

It is essentially a kick starter steroid which is often used as a part of a stack. The massive muscle gains achieved from it come far more quickly compared to other steroids like testosterone. Many bodybuilders also use Dianabol in the form of a motivator steroid, as the ‘high’ gotten from it can majorly motivate you to take your exercise regime to the next level.

When do Dianabol’s effects start kicking in?

Provided that you consume Dianabol exactly as recommended, you’ll start experiencing massive muscle gains in around 4 to 6 weeks’ time during the bulking cycle. If you’ve been in the bodybuilding field for some time you’d know that this is a rather quick time compared to anabolic steroids that take much longer to deliver. Such faster Dianabol results are also good because you would have no option but to get off Dianabol dosage by the end of the 6th week, as it’s pretty toxic for the liver. You’ll have no option but to take a break in order to give some relief to your liver and avoid your body getting adapted to its usage.

Are Dianabol muscle gains permanent?

Once you stop Dianabol usage, its effects will cease in a few days’ time. That’s the reason why bodybuilders normally stack it with testosterone. Stacking it like that makes sure that you have sufficient testosterone in your body while being on Dianabol. So, when you get off Dianabol, the testosterone content in your body ensures that the muscle gains don’t dissipate, as testosterone comes into effect much later than Dianabol.

Which is the best place to buy Dianabol?

As also mentioned earlier, Dianabol is nothing but a brand name given to Methandrostenolone, which once used to be manufactured by Ciba, a Swiss pharmaceutical company. However, Ciba stopped making Methandrostenolone many years ago after Dianabol was classified as a controlled substance. But the brand name Dianabol continued to be a commonplace in the bodybuilding community. Once Ciba stopped its production, many underground laboratories sprang up across the world and started producing Dianabol owing to its huge demand.

So, you won’t really be able to buy Dianabol as it is anywhere on the Internet. Please be aware that any website claiming to sell Dianabol is most likely trying to fool innocent bodybuilders of their hard earned money. In fact, buying Dianabol is just like buying any banned drug. You’ll need to get in touch with some dealer, or perhaps access some very exclusive online forum. If you’ve good connections, you may also find it available with a handful of sellers in Europe.

However, you can always buy legal alternatives of Dianabol, such as D-Bal or D-Bal Max, which are equally effective and have no harmful side effects. These are gaining huge popularity among the gym goers and bodybuilders throughout the world.

What does Dianabol cost?

Just like any street drug, the cost of Dianabol may vary from place to place and dealer to dealer. It entirely depends on the demand and supply in your area. However, on the whole it’s pretty cheap compared to other popular steroids. Why it’s cheap is not because it isn’t popular or effective, but because its ingredients are pretty cheap.

So, how much do you think you’ll need to shell out for it? Well, you can buy anywhere around thousand 5 mg Dianabol tablets for around $ 150. On the other hand, if you’re someone who feels safe and comfortable only using legal drugs, you can go for D-Bal, which is easily the best available Dianabol alternative in the marketplace today. D-Bal can be bought at $ 59.99 for a 90 tablets bottle. What more, you can get it much cheaper if you purchase in bulk.