The Ultimate Bodybuilding Proteins

The Ultimate Bodybuilding Proteins

Proteins are the basic building blocks of your muscles. The bodybuilding protein calculator will give you complete details about the day today protein requirement for muscle building and strengthening. You can find many such calculators online which consider the various parameters like age, height, weight, activity level and the goal for giving you the value of protein intake in grams.  

Here you have to consider the formula used by the system for determining the quantity of proteins per day.  The standard and simple formula states body weight X 0.8-1.8gm/kg = protein requirement in grams. The formula also says you can replace the 0.8 factor with 1.8 if you are going through fat burning program. 

However it doesn’t consider the activity levels and the height factors. Hence you need to be very specific about your protein requirement which can be answered effectively by your bodybuilding trainer alone. Here the aim is to introduce you to the various forms of protein foods and their benefits for muscle mass and strength building.

Bodybuilding Protein Calculator - Going Beyond Numbers

  • Whey Protein: - Whey protein is stated to be the most preferred version for the bodybuilding process. This is also considered to be high on calories (205) .The per gram content of the protein varies between different brands of whey concentrate from 17gms per scoop to 50gms per scoop. The basic ingredients of whey protein consist of peptides, lactalbumin, immunoglobulin, lactoferrin and bovine serum albumin etc. if you observe the structure of every element carefully you will be able to realize their contributions to muscle mass and size growth. For example we can consider the peptides. The main peptides present in the whey protein are lactoperoxidase and lactoferrin. Lactoperoxidase is the basic element of the muscle plasma protein matrix in your body. The Adipocytes present in the muscles is the main growth factor binding protein in the skeletal muscles. But the default activation state of this membrane is stated to be dormant. It is only when the whey protein gets absorbed by the muscles and the calorie utilization happens through bodybuilding workouts that these growth proteins get activated. This process leads to the multiplication of muscle cells and formation of new tissues within a span of few weeks. Similarly the lactoferrin. According to the bodybuilding experts, the bovine lactoferrin is stated to be responsible for the activation of myoblasts within the muscles. They in turn activate the process of cell division and ripping of the existing muscle fibers and tissues. The bovine serum albumin is responsible for the releasing of Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF) within the muscles. The combination can be effective in enhancing the muscle growth within a short span of time.
  • Casein Protein: - The Casein protein is made of 48% genuine protein ingredients, 4% fiber and only 1% of carbohydrate. Casein is very slow in digestion compared to whey and other types. The complete synthesis of this protein might take about 7 to 8 hours after the consumption. But once the synthesis is complete, it can release highest volume of energy in the form of calories into the muscles. When you start working on the core exercises and the drop sets, these proteins play important role in staining the strength and endurance of the muscles. The casein protein is capable of muscle retention, fat burning and conversion of vitamins and other nutrients into pure form of energy. This process will result in the massive growth of muscle mass within a few months of time provided the ratio of energy conversion is consistently maintained above 85% during the bodybuilding workout. Hence you need to work on heavier weights in order to get the maximum benefits of the Casein protein. The lifespan of the protein is also stated to be longest within your muscles. Since the concentration levels of the Casein protein is very high, the synthesis generates more energy within the muscles. The ripping of the muscles is also stated to be the highest when the muscles store Casein protein in them. Moreover the rate of metabolism also increases with the help of Casein protein. The strength formula of the Casein protein is determined by the anti catabolic property.

  • Bodybuilding Protein Consumption – Muscle Mass and Strength

  • Supplements: - You may choose to go for bodybuilding protein consumption in the form of supplements or through foods. The quantity and duration for the digestion and absorption of the proteins from the foods is obviously more. Hence you can opt for the supplements to fill the gap and energize your muscles faster.
  • Legal Steroids: - The role of legal steroids is to increase the volume of nitrogen within each muscle. This results in the faster and qualitative synthesis of proteins. This gives instant strength to the muscles and enhances their endurance. Since the percentage of energy released is in huge, your muscles can withstand maximum load during the workout and rip faster. The speed of ripping is sometimes stated to be more than 200% of the standard ripping with proteins and other related supplements. Similarly the steroids can release huge volumes of testosterones into the muscles and the bloodstream. The utilization of protein synthesis enhances the volume of energy released within the muscles. The volume of protein storage within the muscle fibers and tissues also increases tremendously due to the legal steroids. The elimination of bloating within the muscles ensures the elimination of unhealthy fluids and water from them periodically. At the same time the antioxidant ingredients within the steroids scavenge the free radicals in the muscles and the bloodstream. They neutralize these radicals and prevent the oxidation of muscles during fat burning process. Hence the muscles are protected internally. The steroids release a vast volume of healing agents within the muscles which help in recovery rate enhancement. The tensile strength and the flexibility of the muscles also ensure prevention of muscle tearing and other injuries during workout. This is one of the biggest benefits which allow your muscles to reach the ripping points several times during the workouts. Hence the muscle growth and expansion speed also increase.
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