Top Benefits of Bodybuilding Testosterone Steroid

Top Benefits of Bodybuilding Testosterone Steroid

The testosterone steroid chart shows the composition and functionality of the ingredients at various levels of the bodybuilding process. There are innumerable versions of the steroid from as many brands in the online market today. The most common form of the steroid intake is injections. The effectiveness of the injections depends on the dosage and the intensity of workout performed during the bodybuilding sessions.   

Testosterone Steroid Chart

Testosterone is stated to be the key hormone for enhancing fat burning and muscle growth within the shortest span of time. However, the quantity of testosterone may not be high among all the people all the times. The inefficient functioning of the gonads and the pituitary glands can cause the deficiency of testosterone. In such instances the testosterone needs to be injected in the form of steroids. The other way to increase the production of testosterone is to consume supplements which stimulate production and reduce hypogonadism.

Hypogonadism Definition

Hypogonadism is a physiological state where the gonad glands don’t produce enough testosterones required by the body for performing its functions. The symptoms could be anything from impotency to muscle weakness, osteoporosis (skeletal bone denegation), stress and other physiological and psychological disorders.  Assuming that the individual doesn’t suffer from any serious infections (of the gonads) and genetic disorders (both could be the cause of Hypogonadism), the other probable causes could be obesity, protein deficiency; underweight and gonad deficiency.  

Hypogonadism Supplements

The supplements for hypogonadism should preferably consist of vitamin D and minerals like zinc and magnesium. The supplement can activate the LH releasing hormone in the hypothalamus, which in turn stimulates the pituitary glands. The final point in this line is the tests (gonads) which start producing more testosterone. 

Limitations of Hypogonadism Supplements

The hypogonadism supplements cannot solve testosterone deficiency caused by genetic disorders, damages to the gonads, radiation exposure and autoimmune problems. In such cases the body will need an external source of testosterone.

What are testosterone steroid advantages?

  • Testosterone as Steroid: - Testosterone hormone replacement can be done in the form of injections at regular intervals as prescribed by the doctor. It is possible to inject the steroid into any muscle from biceps, triceps, glutes, pectorals and others. There are specific points in each muscle at which the steroid can be injected by a specialist doctor. Hence it is better to avoid do it yourself approach for taking the injections unless the individual is sure of the precise spots in the muscles.
  • Testosterone Steroid Function: -   The testosterone steroid influences the other hormones in the body apart from the testosterone itself. The most important among them are stated to be the Insulin and the growth hormone (GH). The GH is responsible for the generation of collagen within the muscle tendons along with the IGF-1 hormone.    The combination of these two hormones helps in the synthesis of proteins within the muscles. Further, testosterone steroid is responsible for the highest level of muscle activation while working with the barbell and dumbbell concentration curls for the upper body muscles. The same effects can be observed on the lower body muscles while working on the inclined bench press, calf raise, leg press, thigh abductor and stationary rower. The exposure of muscles to the workout makes the fibers within them rip open. The effects could be differentiated fibers which get strengthened by the steroid ingredients. The steroid has one more function of managing the T3 and T4 synthesis. The other important function of testosterone steroid is to reduce the effects of estrogen and cortisol on the muscles. This will eliminate the negative forces responsible for diabetes, muscle weakness and muscle degeneration. The testosterone effect on the muscle fibers was that it increased the cross sectional area density by enhancing the number of fibers. In addition the muscle fiber ripping intensity also increased the density of fibers by the increasing the production of the myofibrils. Tension building through heavy weights can lead to the recruitment of motor units within the muscles. This process can be accelerated through the testosterone steroids. The rate at which the muscle growth happens depends entirely on the existing physical condition of the muscles and the testosterone steroid injection dosage which is administered. 

  • Testosterone Steroid Injection Dosage

    Pure form of synthetic testosterone steroid is normally suspended in water or propylene glycol. The generic dosage of the steroid for the individuals with normal health conditions from 50mg to 200mg after the interval of 3 or 4 weeks. However the specific dosage for the individuals might vary depending the physiological conditions, medications and treatments being taken. Some of the manufactures state that the beginners might start with 500+mg per week. This dosage can be evenly split into 2 or more smaller dosages depending on the doctor’s advice.

    Workout after Testosterone Steroid Dosage

    Drop sets are the recommended weight training programs for the bodybuilders after the administering of steroids. The synthetic form of steroids might take few days to have its initial impact. By that time the bodybuilder will have to start preparing the muscles for growth.

    There are many forms of the exercises which the bodybuilder can perform. The exercises related to pectorals, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, claves, traps, lats, glutes and deltoids can be helpful.  As the bodybuilder gains experience in weight training and muscles grow consistently, the dosage of steroids could be reduced according to the advice from the trainer and the doctor. 

  • What is best testosterone steroid for cutting? : - You need to check with your bodybuilding trainer and the physio before opting for any of the testosterone steroids. It is better not to take the risk of DIY procedures for the injections and take them from your physio who knows about your health and body conditions.
  • Which are best testosterone steroids for bulking? : - Some of the versions of bodybuilding steroid injections are Cypionate, Enanthate,  Dianabol, Trenbolone etc. The composition and strength of each form could be different and their effects may vary depending on the individual. Hence the proper injections recommendations will be best from your physio and the trainer.
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