Myth and Truth of Bodybuilding Supplements

Myth and Truth of Bodybuilding Supplements

Safety is the most important factor of the bodybuilding supplement essentials. You need to ensure complete protection from the negative side effects which can affect the internal organs and the muscles. For example you can consider the Creatine supplement, which is stated to increase the phosphocreatine within the muscles by more than 20%. 

The ingredient can provide instant energy to the skeletal muscles by the processing of proteins and lipids within every muscle cell. This is a chain reaction which leads to the generation of a phosphate compound called the adenosine triphosphate.

The time required for the energy conversion is stated to be less than 10 seconds. Moreover Creatine can increase the concentration of the nutrients within the muscle tissues and fibers. During exercises the ripping of muscle fibers needs large quantity of energy which is supplied by the supplement.

Bodybuilding Supplement Education – What You Need to Know

  • Creatine Myth: - Considering the huge benefits of Creatine, you might be surprised to know about the probable (claimed) side effects of the supplement. According to some of the medical analysis the Creatine reportedly causes kidney failure among bodybuilders. To check whether this is truth or myth you need to look at the ingredients of Creatine and their interaction with the kidney. Creatine contains amino acids glycine and arginine. In fact the human body produces Creatine from the combination of these two elements. The synthesis of Creatine in the human body happens in the liver and the kidneys! The blood stream carries the Creatine to the muscles. Since the quantity of Creatine is stated to be insufficient for the bodybuilding process, it is consumed in the form of supplements. Hence the myth of kidney damage from Creatine is exposed. The effects might be observed only among those asthma patients and those who may have allergic syndrome to Creatine. Pure Creatine by itself is highly beneficial to the muscles as it generates membranes and cells in large volumes. Some of the other common ingredients added to the pure Creatine while making the supplements are listed here. Maize starch, Glycocyamine, Alpha Lipoic acid, GPA, cinnamon, dextrose and liquid serums are some of the added ingredients. They are used for enhancing the functionality of the core element and speed up the process of muscle mass growth. If at all you wish to adopt safety measures, you need to look at these additional ingredients and their probable side effects on the internal organs and the muscles. Hence by choosing the best ingredients that suit your body, you will be able to stay safe from the negative side effects.
  • Whey Protein Myth: - Whey protein nutritional ingredients are calories, fat, carbohydrates, amino acids such as Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine.  According to the medical analysis conducted by many researchers, the protein might have side effects when it is consumed in excess. Kidney stones are reportedly formed when whey protein is consumed by individuals who are under the risk group. However, advanced researches proved this statement to be exaggerated. Tests have revealed that balancing the whey protein with sufficient fiber diet and plenty of fluids intake (water and antioxidant fruit juices) can avert the problem of kidney stone formation. The other stated side effects are on the liver. Whey protein reportedly interferes with the medication for liver disorders and makes the conditions worse. The detailed research papers state that the CYP-450 enzyme produced in the liver due to medications might convert the proteins into toxic metabolites. But the papers list out only the damage resistance proteins, CP reductase, cytochrome-B5 progesterone receptor protein, HAS and other forms of CYP base proteins specifically. The general statement talks only about the probability of other proteins interaction with eh CYP-450. The specific side effects of Whey protein is nowhere mentioned. Hence it might be assumed that people with existing liver problems have to consult their doctors before consuming the whey protein. This is only a precautionary measure. Hence the stated side effects could be debatable.
  •  Meat Protein Myth: - A closer look at the meat protein chart shows multiple sources from beef, chicken, fish, turkey and many others. For example the beef protein shows high levels of potassium and phosphorous apart from calcium, magnesium, amino acids, Creatine and many forms of minerals. The protein supplement helps in burning fat, muscle bulking, generation of power packed muscle fibers and tissues etc. The stated negative effects are possible when the quantity of meat protein is more than the prescription. The other myth is related to the link between amino acids, IGF and the probable growth of cancer cells. If you take a closer look at the association between IGF and cancer, the probability exists only among people with zero or no physical activity and obesity due to overeating of meat protein. The excess accumulation of IGF-1 might lead to the formation of tumor among the risk prone people. However the statements may not be generalized as applicable to anyone who consumes meat protein supplements.

  • Bodybuilding Supplement Facts- Benefits and Limitations

    The simple bodybuilding supplement facts state the probable benefits and limitations for the bodybuilders in general. Since the muscle and body anatomy of individuals differ, the quantity, type and duration of protein supplements might vary.

    • Protein supplements build muscle size and mass.
    • Fat burning gets enhanced.
    • Vast improvement in immunity.
    • Enhanced cardiovascular function.
    • Faster healing of muscle injuries, muscle tears and inflammations.
    • Faster digestion and absorption by muscles.
    • Formation of new muscle tissues due to muscle cell generation.
    • Protection from fatigue and breakdown.
    • Consistent supply of energy to the muscles.

    Probable Limitations

    • Excess of protein consumption makes no difference.
    • People with allergic syndrome to specific ingredients added with pure protein in the supplement have to take advice from doctor.
    • Proteins are only part of the wholesome nutrition.
    • Impact of proteins on muscle growth may diminish with age.
    • People with existing medical conditions may not benefit fully from the protein supplements. They might need medical advice before starting with proteins.

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